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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Labour's Range Of Sweeping Tirade Is Leading To Nothing.

After the 2010 General Election, the Labour party was obviously in total chaos. Doubled with not being able to form the Coalition, let alone a government, the entire pain blame was laid on Gordon Brown. And having a sacrificial lamb [always] helped in those crucial days.

Then the leadership tussle. Aside from Diane Abbott, the rest 4 main contenders struggled to distant themselves from the just ended Labour 13 years in power. And that struggle became their main card; their only worthwhile debate and worse still, the devil in the shadow. Ed Miliband sailed through; weakly but he got the steering wheel.

Sitting in the conference hall that day, I knew that he wasnt the strongest to steer that ship away from that 'devil in the shadow, but he has the task and we were all going to help. Foul!

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 And The Problems Facing The UK Polity

The problems of the UK polity is first in two folds, i.e.;
1. All the politicians are just the same type of chocolate for the rich coated in different taste.
2. Majority of the electorates including most politically active or interested ones are partisan and thus blind to the above.

Now the above two points have their own sub-points which I wouldnt bother going into because these two main issues hinder the entire polity to see beyond their noses. And no, the UK is not poor as an economy but it's surely heading for a wreck if it continues this way.

Immigration is not the problem UK faces but how each of it's govt in recent past which, instead of

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mandela Hype Is Beginning To Irritate!

Pardon my punt. But I'm bored at this Mandela hula-balo. Its just too much now. Dont get me wrong, the guy was brave and did marvellius things, but the media hype, the so-called world leaders prattling for a bit of Mandela in their sugar-coating, the all-manner of celebrity-showoff and even terrible known oppressors praising his qualities while violating the dignity of others; Churches turning all sermon and prayers into Mandela; all of these now makes it all very irritable.

The same applied when 'Messaiah' Obama was elected; only he isnt. Talking of which, he Obama, who stole the show at Mandela's memorial to tell us of the immense good qualities of Mandela's forgiving spirit, is presiding over a prison full of unprosecuted humans; unfairly not tried while doesnt even know why they are held and are incommunicado with their loved ones.

And this whole nonsense will happen as Christmas comes; only its not truly 'peace on earth'. Because all these take attention away from the sufferings that abound, from simple ordinary lives that go on and make the bulk of what the world is.

As Mandela gets [over] celebrated, no one tend to remember that many white and black South Africans are still going through discriminations, violence, rape, because of what tbey naturally are or that befell them; and even many more lack access to proper school house or education in its entirety not to talk of healthcare.

There should be limit!

Mandela is gone BUT life must go on. His role in life, his sacrifices, brevity, passion, weaknesses, etc should be a lesson not a festival. Because as the festival it's become, it yields nothing but frivolous merriment and intoxication which leaves no sensible imprints. I simply cant wait for this madness and frenzy to go by. He is an icon and not a corporate distraction.

If we take it as a lesson, then we wont have

1. Obama preaching to us while imprisoning people without charge no matter what their accusation are.
2. Cameron claiming he inapired him while demonizing the weak who get State welfare.
3. Nigeria Goodluck queuing to pay respect while presiding over discrimination laws and insurmountable corruption in Nigeria.
4. And the list of the lip-services go on.

With or without these hypes, the dead will stay still and suffer no harm. None of these hypes benefits the dead but only the living manipulating the opportunity for their own self-perpectuating gains; all of them.

The living victims of Haiti typhoon, Phillipines, Afghanistan wars, Syria's revolution, Central African Republic war, Sudans' altercations, Israel-Palestine fracas, South African and Mexico slums, and many more, are still suffering but largely ignored because they are not stake-yielding  issue. I am only sorry for the people who allow themselves to be manioulated through events like this one.

As for me, the dead arent my priority, and less attention should be paid them, but their legacy PRACTICALLY followed and upheld.