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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are UK Public Sector Institutions Really Unsustainable?

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The most common rhetoric by UK politicians is usuallly how public sector institutions are too expensive to run and therefore unsustainable. But are these institutions really costly to run? If they are, why does most of them when privatized, suddenly start making profits? Isn't the stark reality that they are expensive because they are run [by staff] and used [by the population] with reckless abandon?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Foolish Arguements About Scotland Independence

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Over the last 2 years since David Cameron and Alex Salmond agreed the referendum, the worst foolish statements have been made by both sides of the debate. Some of these arguments are quite veiled in passion that carries them through like sensible utterances. But they are not.

Has The West Become Too Paranoid?

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The newest power within the Islamic fundamentalists is Is [or ISIS or ISIL whichever you chose]. Its rise, order, reputation, approach and almost unbelievably professionalized institution, has far dwarfed the formerly most notorious Terrorist group, al-queda. In the same manner, the [so-called] West, is becoming a toy in its hand to taunt and challenge. But for how long...?

Political leaders in the West, mainly UK and USA has crossed the very extremely thin line of fighting terrorism and now seems to have landed into paranoia. The strong paranoia exhibited has led to Isis playing like manipulators. And to be frank, as of today, Isis has become masters in that manipulation.